Tuesday, 22 May 2012


ok so a quick post here, i have just started sculpting the hands, well the arms but the hands are attached. when the sculpt is done and moulded and all the silicone will act as a sleeve for the arm to slip into and then i hope, connect with the hand.

 i also have started thinking about how I'm going to sculpt the legs and feet. i want to be able to get to the bolt on the ankle just incase anything should get lose. so, i have come up with a design of how i want to sculpt these parts. in my head it works but we shall see when i actually do it.

Friday, 18 May 2012

new hands

i have made a few pairs of new hands, these are a bit thicker and bigger than the ones i normally make, they look quite nice. i have run out of time to do anymore today but ill put a blob of glue in the middle to act as the palm. also i am going to put shrink wrap around the fingers this will help them last longer under all the bending, i have changed the amount of wire used as well, i have twisted two strands not one!! they will connect to the arm by K&S.

how to make a hinge joint

ok i have made this instructional video to show how i make my hinge joints for my armatures. this is the first video i have done so i apologise if its hard to follow or makes no sense. everything i use to make my armatures are cheap materials.

here is a list of those materials for the hinge.

K&S strip- 1mmx6mm cut into 1cm segments quantity of 4
K&S square brass tube 3.18mmx.355mm stock no. 151
K&S square brass tube 3.97mmx.355mm stock no. 152
solder flux
silver solder wire
nut & bolt

the K&S strip can be found on ebay, it comes from america so postage can seem a lot for something so small.
the K&S brass tubes can be found on www.cheshiremodels.co.uk
the flux can be bought in any diy store
the silver solder wire i bought online, probably ebay again
the nuts and bolts can be bought in any diy store.

here are my two armatures measuring about 8inch, boy on the right girl on the left.

the armatures


The Beginning

hey, so when i was making a few things for my other blog/film called Karma i started thinking about other things. i felt like the Karma idea was not great, i like it but i was not feeling it quite so much.

i sat down and thought, for my first independent film i need a target audience to help me stay motivated and keep me going in the right direction. so, i came up with another storyline, and this one is aimed at children. my girlfriend helped me develop the narrative as she works in a school teaching 4year olds, so she kind of knows what they are thinking and might want to see.

a lot of the stuff i did for my other blog is actually for this production, i just thought i should carry it on, on that one. i have now changed my mind, I'm going to make a new blog for 'Home Before Dark'!
i will put the tests and stuff like that on this blog as well.

here are some designs for the kids heads.

ok you'll have to excuse the pore quality, my scanner is not working.

this is a designs for the boy, i tried a few shapes but the one i liked most was the rounder one. 

i tried out a few different hair styles. i think ill go for the top right on the first page or the middle one to the right on the second page.

i did the same for the girl. I'm not sure which one i like, i really like the bottom left but i think it looks to much like Coraline.

ok so im not going to go into the story quite yet, i will say it involves a park, ( i hope this will look awesome under camera) aliens, a spaceship and a bedroom full of toys.