Friday, 18 May 2012

how to make a hinge joint

ok i have made this instructional video to show how i make my hinge joints for my armatures. this is the first video i have done so i apologise if its hard to follow or makes no sense. everything i use to make my armatures are cheap materials.

here is a list of those materials for the hinge.

K&S strip- 1mmx6mm cut into 1cm segments quantity of 4
K&S square brass tube 3.18mmx.355mm stock no. 151
K&S square brass tube 3.97mmx.355mm stock no. 152
solder flux
silver solder wire
nut & bolt

the K&S strip can be found on ebay, it comes from america so postage can seem a lot for something so small.
the K&S brass tubes can be found on
the flux can be bought in any diy store
the silver solder wire i bought online, probably ebay again
the nuts and bolts can be bought in any diy store.

here are my two armatures measuring about 8inch, boy on the right girl on the left.

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