Tuesday, 16 October 2012

sculpting the legs

for a couple of days i have been sculpting the legs, i have been using medium hardness plastiline, much better that plasticine. bellow you can see the legs.

nobly knees

bellow i have started sculpting the shoes. i started off with the socks, the idea i had was to make quite big shoes and skinny legs.

getting some form to the shoes

i made sure i made everything in pairs so each shoe should be roughly the same.

adding more shape and padding out the shoe

bellow i have added the tongue and a bit of trimming to go around the tongue.

finally i added soles and some more trimming to connect the soles and some shoelaces!

starting to create the mould.


  1. Great lookin legs man!

    I got the sliders made by a machinist buddy....but thats just the metal with the teeth.

    the other stuff is all hobbled together with parts from here and there....There are some awesome riggers at both aardman and laika that could make you a super nice one...but it would probably be expensive.

    i usually just use a 5 pound weight and wire...but I wanted more precise moves for my ships.

    good luck and great work here man!


  2. Great step by step pictures...nice work Mark!!

  3. cheers everyone, unfortunately i got a bit excited about casting the legs. before i started i shook up the liquid plastic but didnt let it settle before mixing and didnt quite mix enough so i had a lot of bubbles at the top. so i have had to sculpt the legs again. they look kind of better this time round though, ill get them finished and get some pictures then post it.

    jriggity- i did make a rig using a weight and some ball and socket jointed rods which kind of concertinas but was hoping i could find a nice rigging stand. may try a science classroom, pretty sure i used to use a stand like yours in school.

    cheers guys, stay tuned.