Thursday, 11 October 2012

been productive!

well it has been a couple of months since my last post, i kind of lost the flame after going on holiday and having time off, been playing a lot of golf.
i thought, today being my day off, what better time to get back into my project. it felt like i had never been away. got straight back into it. 

firstly i trimmed off the flashings around the hands i moulded a while ago and put them onto the armature. one of the hands was a bit patchy but i think they look quite good on camera. so heres a couple of pics showing them off.

next up, padding out the body. i cut a section of memory foam that will reach from the front to the back, going over the shoulders in one continuous piece. i then cut a groove in the middle where the shoulders will be to allow the shoulders to be set deeper in the foam. 

then to get the two halfs to stick together, dab dipping latex on both sides, only a small amount though. leave it for a few minutes and this will get a bit tacky.

pop the armature inside and fold the foam over.

et voila, give the whole thing a squeeze and pinch the sides, this will help the latex stick. wheres a few pics of how its all adhered.

to get the sleeves on i cut a few strips of memory foam to find a matching pair. i applied them to the body using the same techniques as before, a small amount of latex and pinch the parts together.

did the same for the shorts.

the foam was to big and balky so i trimmed it down and gave the body a bit more of a shape and definition. the next step will be to pop the clothes on. 

in my next post i will sculpt the legs, i have wrapped the joints in plumbers thread tape. this will stop any clay or silicone clogging up the joints and creating problems. it works quite well for movement, more so than shrink wrap as this can be quite rigged.

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  1. Puppets looking good Mark!!

    Don't you just hate how a holiday can unwind you too much! .....Just getting back in the swing of it myself.

    Keep up the good work