Thursday, 19 July 2012

hands cast

i have finally got round to casting my hands. i found from experience brass and silicone don't mix very well so i wrapped the arms in a a thin foam wrap.

then i filled the mould with the pigmented silicone to ensure the silicone got to all the little corners and areas so there wouldn't be any air pockets.

after clamping it shut for 4 hours i pulled it apart, it came out ok apart from a few air bubbles, noticeably the ones near the elbows. I'm thinking ill just put them back in the moulds and pour more silicone in to fill the gaps.


  1. What silicone are you using? shouldn't bubble like that?


    1. It's called Eco flex smooth-on series, I get it from I might try another on because it is really soft and very stretchy. Would you recommend another one?