Friday, 13 July 2012

face sculpts

 today i have been racking my brain and trying to visualise how i want my mouths to look. in the mean time i made a second set of teeth mould and installed my magnets and the metal bits that will attract to the magnets.

below you can see the second set of dentures, these can be glued to the face in a high or low position so i don't have to try sculpting teeth when the mouth is open. they work quite well.

below on the right you can see where i have put the magnet and the left shows where the piece of nail goes. they way the head is designed works well for this magnet system as it can be installed in a prominent position, very effective and a good strong hold.

i have started sculpting the face masks now, i have done a couple of brow expressions and some mouth shapes. i have struggled with getting the mouth shapes looking right, this is the first time i have done lip sync and mouth replacements. i really want an almost cartoony look, i won't bake any of the clay yet, my sculpting skills are getting better so later on i might be able to sculpt them a bit better.

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