Monday, 9 July 2012

hand mould part deux and head casts

i have spent ages doing the hand moulds because i either had air bubbles or the plasticine/ sculpy failed me. below you can see my latest mould success. i invested in plastiline which is much better than plasticine and doesn't dent easily when removing one half of the mould, it also sculpts well. i did get a scare when trying to separate the two halfs of plastic though, needed to give the mould a good whack with the mallet and a screw driver, even with mould release sprayed on it. anyways its worked great and I'm dead happy with the outcome, i can now cast the arms. woohoo!! 

The head cast!!

i am so excited to have finally got to casting the head and masks. i bought some new moulding silicone rubber and i have to say, i will definitely be buying more. it had no air bubbles and moulds my sculpts so well. it is a really low viscosity rubber so brilliant for mould making. below you can see the mould i made for the two face masks. i did have to widen the pour holes because the were just too tight and i couldn't get the plastic in in time.

the masks sit really nicely on the head and there weren't any air bubbles so i was really happy.

once the core/head was dry i popped it all together and, it fits! the next step is to paint it up and get small magnets installed to keep the masks on.

woohoo!! so pleased with how it looks.


  1. Nice work Mark.......I have just recieved my first order of moulding silicone rubber and fast cast resin so i'm looking forward to moulding my heads some time soon.

    PS hope they turn out as good as yours.

    1. Cheers Steve. Where did you get your ingredients?Im in the process of sculpting the mouths now but I'm struggling a bit, it's hard to know what shapes to make.

      Did you ask me the other week what k&s I use?