Thursday, 5 July 2012

fabrication section 1

this is quite a short post but its all about the fabrication or padding out of the puppet. i have previously tried urethane foam but found it quite hard to get it air pocket free. i also found it quite stiff. 

for this production i have gone with producing actual clothes and padding the characters out with memory foam adhered together with dipping latex.

i cut one long piece of memory foam and bend it over the shoulders with the neck K&S pocking through. once i new it fit i dabbed latex on both sides of the memory foam and pinched it together. when the latex dries (takes seconds) it holds the two half's together but still allowing the foam to be soft and doesn't stop the puppet from being moved easily.

the picture above you can see the seam line where the two pieces are joined.

to help give shape to the shirt the boy will be wearing, i have added sleeve sections.

i did the same for the shorts, i also added some little side panels. all of this will now be trimmed and sculpted with scissors to give it extra shape.

more to come.........

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