Wednesday, 27 June 2012

redesigned head

i didn't like the way the first face attached to the head, it was to wobbly and i thought it would be to wobbly even with magnets holding it in place. i basically started again, without remaking the head and core. i found it much easier this time as the back of the head and core were already hard and set in a permanent position, this made sculpting the mask much easier. i first sculpted the two halfs so they sat very snug to the core.

then, as seen below, i added a rim around the mask which is sculpted to the mask and meets the edges of the head/core.

i then did as i did before, sculpted onto the new masks.

you can see how the rim will actually become apart of the face and mask.

once both halfs were sculpted i carved out the teeth, i made them sit a bit higher up the face compared to the last one i made.

I'm really happy with this new head it locks on and they way its been sculpted allows it to sit only in one place, so no fiddling. i put it on the armature to see how it looks and i personally think it looks awesome. at the moment the head is really heavy but i hope once its cast in resin it will be much lighter.

next step is to cast it in resin then sculpt the mouth shapes, very exciting, I'm on a real buzz at the moment.


  1. Looking good Mark! the Flynn Brothers set the standard.
    Good to see your up there with them.....I hope to be treading the same path myself soon (fingers crossed)

  2. The puppet is looking great Mark!