Friday, 1 June 2012

hand moulds part 1

ok, i have sculpted both hands now. before i started doing any moulding i put the hands in the freezer so that it hardens the plasticine. to start i always roll up little balls of clay and place them on the board your using for the base of the mould. below you can see i have started this process. 

once i covered the board with these balls, i placed the hands on top. the reason for making loads of balls is actually quite effective. when it comes to flipping over the first half of the mould to make the second half, you will need to remove all the clay. by rolling loads of balls this part is made easier.

once the area around the hands have been smoothed and the clay is pushed up tight to the sides of the hands, i started making the walls of the mould by using foam board. i also added two keys, these will help line up the mould when putting the two half's together. 

i gave the mould a couple of blasts of release agent, this will help separate the clay from the polyurethane, mixed up the plastic that comes in two ingredients, and poured it in, my first batch only just got over the top of the hands so i mixed a bit more up and poured it on, thats one of the good things about moulding with plastic. i hope it works.

drop me a comment if you have any questions, the next section will come when the polyurethane is set.

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