Saturday, 16 June 2012

carry on of head and built in dentures

today i have been working on this head to try and get it finally finished. the pic below shows the hair roughly sculpted and placed on the head

to make the hair i rolled to balls of clay and then rolled them into a ski slope shape. below you can see what i mean

below you can see i have added some detail to the hair.

the pics below, i was looking at the face and thought there was something missing. i built up the nose to divide the eyes more 

these shots just show how the hair is attached to the core and how it will look when the face is removed.

once i was happy with the sculpt i made a little mouth to help pin point where i want the mouth to be positioned on the lower half of the face.

once i was happy with the positioning of the mouth, i basically cut it out and created this rather goofy, zombie looking mouth. the teeth will be permanently positioned in place as its only the lower jaw that moves.

i am really happy with the way its looking at the moment. I'm sure once i bake it, ill notice some faults. I'm worried the teeth are to low which will make the mouth look out of place on the face. once i have baked it i will then start making some mouth shapes along with eyebrow expressions. before i can do any of that i will need to cast the head and face masks in resin after baking.


  1. Its looking really great Mark. Good idea to have the upper teeth be a static part of the face. Nice job.


  2. Mate the character design is simply stunning. Would love to see some of the animation test. You going to be animating the hair as well?

    1. I'm still in the process of making the faces so no tests yet. Also I think I'm going to remake the face masks because once they were baked they were too loose for my liking, even though I'm using magnets. I hadn't planned on having the hair being animated that might make things a bit complicated as the head is going to be resin. I suppose I could sculpt the hair to be moulded in silicone. Might mean redoing the whole head though.