Thursday, 24 January 2013

house prototype

this month has been a long one financially. i am very low on materials and can not afford to buy more. annoyingly my armature is in a sculpt which is in half a moulds worth of plastic, frustrating! because the armature is unavailable i have not been able to do any tests. i think i need to re-spray the faces too, when i put them into the compartments in the box, the lid must have pushed down on the noses because there is a flat round spot on the end. i have started making another armature for the other character but thats been on hold for a while due to late post thanks to the snow.

anyways, in the mean time i thought i would make a prototype of the house that the children live in. its all made from 5mm foam board and designed on an actual house i liked the look of and i thought would look great in the film.

its a slow old process but i do love making things. its creating new challenges such as angles and getting everything to the right measurements as its done on 1/2 scale.

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  1. Looks like you should be building houses for a living.......Nice work mark