Thursday, 31 January 2013


today i have managed to do a bit more work on the new armature. i have made the feet and chest plate. there are a few areas that need to be smoothed and sanded down but apart from that, its coming along nicely.

also, my plastic arrived yesterday so this morning i finished off the mould that has been sat on my desk for weeks. i gave it a couple of hours to properly set but it actually worked which is brilliant. i need to clean it up then i can pop out a cast, probably do that on sunday.


  1. Hi there, great looking work! Curious to see the progress of this film.

    I saw that you have been a student at UWE. I am currently a student there at the same animation course. :) At the moment I am getting into ball and socket armature making (for a bird character...) and I was curious if you could give some more details about the materials and sizes your are using? And perhaps where you get your supplies from? I am researching and trying to gather stuff myself at the moment, and know everyone has slightly different methods, but it is therefore always good to know someone's approach and resources.

    Are the bars used at the legs k&s? Is there a rod inside them too? I see some quite thin sheet metal for the hinge joint sandwich plates and was wondering what size and material they are?

    Good luck on your project! And am looking forward to see more.

    1. hey Roos, thanks for commenting. how it the course? it was the first time it had run when i was on it so could of been better. is Mary Murphy still there? she's awesome.

      yeh its k&s, brass strips and brass ball bearings. all the sizes depend on the size of your puppet and style really. k&s can be found in most hobby shops but everything i buy is the cheapest it van be so alot comes from ebay really.

      i did have a look at your bird a while back actually, looks great.

      let me know if you need any more help.