Monday, 11 February 2013

new cast

i finally got around to casting my armature. before i put the armature in the mould i padded it out with memory foam to fill some the the space in the mould, this will save on silicone and make the puppet more flexible. i also covered the joints in plumbers tape to stop the joints getting clogged. 

one thing i did notice is the silicone is a completely different colour, also the theory of the padding helping to make the puppet more flexible didn't really work. i think i need to pad it out a bit more, it doesn't have the movement i was hoping for. i have actually resprayed the faces and ordered a new spray so i hope it will match up.


  1. Your puppet is incredible Mark! Just looking over your blog post I can see a wealth of puppet knowledge. I'd love to sit you down over pint and pick your brain a bit. . .too bad I'm in Indiana. :)

    1. cheers steve, its great to hear that people like my work. i have resprayed the head now so it doesn't like quite so sun tanned.

  2. Hi Mark I'm with the Sleepers comment, you can gain so much animation making skills from popping in on your blog and yes I two would like to sit down and have a pint and pick your brains a bit....keep up the great work :-)