Friday, 15 March 2013

seams to be done!

ok so i have finally got round to clothing 'Craig'. i did have a bit of a problem with finding the right kind of denim for the jeans. in the end i went to George in Asda and bought some really cheap kids jeggings that are more cotton and have a lot of elasticity. once the jeans were on i carried on with the t-shirt. unfortunately i had a little problem in, i didnt give the tee enough material to get around his belly!

i gave it a little trim, he looks like a guns and roses fan here.

i thought, this mistake is not all that bad really. my sewing skills have got much better so i thought i would jazz up his look and add another colour to his tee.

at this stage i am really happy with the way hes looking, i have been thinking about his eyes and how they're going to stay in the sockets when i remove the mouth section. i have a few bits on order so i will post my process when they arrive.
things are coming along nicely, the other armature is nearly done, possible finished by end of sunday, so i will be able to sculpt that. once again i have been thinking about designs so things will change regarding 'Craig's' sister 'Charlotte'.


  1. Hi Mark
    I see things are really looking good.......
    but not sure about the crop-top HA HA sorry only joking.
    How is the movemnet in the arms and legs?

    1. i know, the crop top is terrible. couldn't resist putting him in a little pose like that.
      i have not had the chance to test him under a camera yet, but when i move him he looks and feels great. i will try get him tested tomorrow.

  2. Great character. Much personality!