Friday, 1 March 2013

we'll call it a practice

i was not feeling the other t-shirt, i thought black was not the colour to go with as the rest of the film will be lovely bright colours. instead i have gone for a red and white long sleeve t-shirt. i found it much easier to do this time, i guess you could call the other tee a practice and refining of my skills, this took me from the afternoon to the evening to make so not quite as long as before.

so again i started off by cutting the shape for the body and cutting out the neck hole. i then sewed a red trim around the neck and hemmed up the bottom of the white tee. it was a lot easier to sew this material because its a really good quality, old Fat Face uniform becoming handy.

it fits!

after hemming the sleeves by the wrist i then started sewing them on. at this stage everything is being sewed inside out to create a nice smooth seam. 

check the sleeves have enough length.

this is where it starts to get rather fiddley, you need to sew a seam joining the two half's together, making sure its neat. i suggest practicing this part first otherwise it could be a waste of time and materials if you have to keep redoing it.

the finished seam, in the picture it looks quite big, i think thats due to the light.

so one sleeve done, you can't even see the seam from the front and it does not restrict the puppet in anyway. i very happy with how its turned out, i will try get the other sleeve finished along with the body tomorrow. then i need to make some jeans for him!!

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  1. Can't wait to see the finished result. I like this method of clothing the puppet, thanks for sharing