Saturday, 15 December 2012

almost there!!

The last couple of days have been slow. Work is taking over my life so i dont have much time for my model making. ARGH! But, i have now cast the last leg, filled any air bubbles from rushing the process, patched up the socks and shoes. All i need to do now it clean up the seam lines from the casting process, add a bit of coloured silicone to areas that have defects i.e. the top of the socks might have some of the leg coloured silicone on them. Its a bitch to get silicone off silicone so i have just been cutting it away and patching it up later. Works quite well.

So here are a few shots of the 'Boy'. 

My white spray paint has arrived now so i can spray the faces and get them coloured as well. I also need to get this little guy clothed, thats going to be tricky, i am not the best sewing and never made clothes at this scale before.

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