Monday, 10 December 2012

its coming along

I thought i would put the puppet back together and see how it all looks so far. At this stage i have only done one sock, i now actually have a shoe done but i will post that up when the whole leg is finished.

A little bit of padding.

A bit more and some shorts.

Ooo, a little pose. When i have the legs and shoes all cast in silicone i will put them back on the armature and start making some clothes for this little guy. I cant wait to start animating him!


  1. Your puppets coming on a real treat Mark.

    Little question on the silicon does it always come out shiny....wondered how it would play with the lighting?

    1. cheers Steven.

      yeh its got a bit of a shine, but ill just dab some talc on it. that will take the shine off.