Thursday, 6 December 2012

new silicone

OK so i had a little break on the legs, i wasn't feeling it and wasn't happy with how they were coming out. I didn't want to waste anymore materials on making a new mould either.
I decided the mould looked fine, it could do the job for now anyways. I went back to looking for a new silicone product, what i found is really frustrating. If only i had bought this product first, everything would have been all sunshine and daisies. Anyways, i bought a silicone called dragon skin, i had seen it before but i think because of its viscosity i was detoured. I cast the legs the other night and mixed in some of my pigment and the legs came out wonderfully. Bellow are some pics of these legs.

I only wanted the legs to be casted because the boy will be wearing socks and shoes. I had to try bung up the bottom of the legs around the ankles, this stopped the silicon from flowing into the shoes. This can be seen on the pic below, the grey plastiline in the mould.

And this is how they came out. i am really impressed with the dragon skin silicone, it looks really solid almost and is not soft and squishy like the Eco flex silicone i used to use.

I have the socks being moulded at the moment so when they are dry i will pop the legs back in the mould and hope this process works. Ill get some pics done and post them up when i can.

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